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  The Hotel Adriano, attentive to the comfort of its guests, has chosen to equip its rooms with silk quilts “Biancoseta”.

To be wrapped in a silk quilt “Biancoseta” is to have an excellent, restful experience. Sleep helps one recuperate energy, the silk quilt helps you achieve better sleep.

The sensation is truly unique, one’s body is wrapped in a soft, silk quilt so that tension and thoughts disappear.

The silk gives a unique characteristic of comfort which originates in nature. Nature, we know, always finds the best solutions.

The silk quilts “Biancoseta” are naturally anti- allergic, so they are ideal for those suffering from allergies and available in Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Junior Suite and Deluxe Suite.

They are light, soft and breathable.

The” Biancoseta “products are also available from our own Boutique Shop. .